Sicilian Oranges Marmalade

Sicilian Oranges Marmalade

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The authentic luxurious flavour of oranges from Ribera are undoubtedly unique and one of which the Ribera community can be proud. Succulent, juicy and fragrant the perfect composition of a well structured marmalade that boasts tradition and yet gives representation to the ingenuity of its chefs that bring it in all its glory to our table. Villa Reale Supreme is proud to offer you a marmalade that is simple luxury.

Ingredients: sicilian oranges, sugar, citrus, honey, fruit pectin.

Tips for using the products:

Unique and most special to Sicilian Cuisine the Oranges from Ribera are perfumed and zesty. Transformed therefore into this splendid marmalade it can be used as an ingredient in both croissants and short crust tarts. Used in a decadent ‘chiffon cake ‘ flavoured with cinnamon and decorated with delicately sliced orange segments. It is also perfect to add to a soft cream to make a Geneva cake making an enjoyable stylish breakfast.

Our new and prestigious range of products Villa Reale Supreme pays tribute to the excellence of Sicilian Cuisine. The line was born out of the love for this land together with the experience of two generations of culinary experts. These delicious creations are chosen only for he who is in search of unique style and unmistakable quality.

Villa Reale Supreme distinguishes itself by its meticulous selection of natural ingredients some of which have been selected by the Presidi Slow Food of Sicily. Such ingredients as the Giarratana Onion, Garlic from Nubia,and the Almonds from Noto all of which not only offer but guarantee authenticity and the highest level of quality.

These precious conserves are held in a modern glass jar that has an eye catching linear and square form. At the centre of the jar the logo Villa Reale Supreme is characterized alongside the regal crown, reinforcing the products image of class and elegance

The line Villa Reale Supreme may be purchased in a number of gastronomic boutiques that offer their own clients a product line that is both as unique as it is exceptional. A product that has style and that would most certainly make an unforgettable gift that can be tasted and shared in moments that are special and to be treasured.

Villa Reale Supreme: an excellence of taste brought to your table


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